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This series of informational sheets deal with improving your garden soils and presents lot of essential information on improving your garden soils, the natural way. Whether your garden is a beautiful flower garden, a backyard vegetable garden, or one or several container-grown tomato plants on you deck or patio, you'll find help here.
Each informational sheet in this series presents lots of useful soil information, and gardening techniques and tips. We will share with you what we have learned over the years here at our farm, Grand Point Farms. We have learned how to build and enrich our garden soils to create a healthy environment that allows flowers, vegetables, shrubs, fruit and nut trees, lawns, and forest and shade trees to grow strong, healthy, colorful, and productive. This is because a healthy living soil is essential for lush, beautiful, productive plants.

Potting soil is the single most important component of growing plants in containers. So a good gardener will take care in selecting a potting mix or in mixing their own in the greenhouse.

For optimum growth of any plant grown in containers, it is very important to select high-quality ready to use soil mixes that contain the ingredients necessary for good plant growth. Besides providing a medium to hold the plants securely, the potting mix should not be to heavy or compact after repeat watering. A good potting soil have adequate space for air and water to penetrate, and it must drain well.

A good potting soil contains sphagnum moss for its light weight and good water and nutrient holding capacity. Volcanic pumice, perlite, kelp meal, and clean sand is added. Then depending upon the intended use, ground bark, compost, and worm casting are added. And the mixture should be certified to be free from weed seeds and soil pests. And finally, a good quality potting soil is made from only the finest quality materials.


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Potting Soils Amendmends & Decorative Top Dressings

Decorative Rock;

Green Moss;

Horticultural Charcoal;

Orchid Bark;

Peat Moss;


Spanish Moss;


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