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Welcome to our Lübeck Haus Bookstore catalogue page for essential books for gardening, small farms, and for learning basic country skills.
Our research staff at Lübecks Bookstore is building an extensive selection of books dealing with gardening, organic gardening, plant propagation, improving garden soils and fertility, fertilizers, raising livestock, garden and farming tools, building farm building, building fences and gates, growing and saving heirloom seeds and plants, raised bed gardening, container gardening, plant propagation, fruit and nut trees books, and books for learning basic country skills.
And more gardening books are being added all the time.
The twelve categories are listed here. Make your selection by clicking on a category.

1. Gardening
2. Seeds/Propagation
3. Potatoes
4. Garden Soils
5. Trakener Horses
6. Raising Livstock
7. Raising Poultry & Waterfowl
8. Game Birds & Big Birds
9. Farm Tools
10. Farm Buildings
11. Fences, Gates & Doors
12. Greenhouses

This is the catalogue page for Gardening, number 1 above, and lists books for improving your gardening skills and for learning basic country skills.
These books are of particular interest to organic gardeners as well as to all home gardeners tilling the soil in maritime regions of The Pacific Northwest and similiar areas of the world.
Subjects include growing vegetables and herbs, organic gardening methods and techniques, winter gardening techniques, companion planting, making and using compost, making and using root cellars, prunning proceedures, native pollinators and gardening help in general.
To learn more about our gentle native Mason bees and Bumblebees, we have included couple of really delightful handbooks by Brian Griffin. These books will explain just about everthing you need to know about these hard working pollinator bees and is explained in very clear and specific details. Anyone who grows fruits and vegatables will welcome and encourage these native solitary bees in and around their gardens.

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