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Welcome to the Pacific Northwest Home Gardener

This site is dedicated to home gardeners everywhere who plan, dream, and work very hard in their chosen garden areas. We are long time gardeners here at our family farm, Grand Point Farm. Our farm is located in the upper foothills on the North side of the Olympic Mountains in Washington State. From the North pasture, on a clear day, we can look across the Strait of Juan de Fuca into Southwestern Canada. We have worked in clay, sand, rocky and fine loam soils. Each soil type has demanded hard work, sweat, and getting a sore spot somewhere on our bodies. But, the rewards have been and are always lots of potatoes, corn, and a variety of great vegetables, fields of grains, fruit, berries, nuts, mushrooms, lovely flowers, a beautiful lawn, fresh fish and some great trees.

This website, for home gardeners, with livestock, is a place to shop for some of your gardening and livestock books, farming equipment, and farming magazine subscriptions, gardening tools and equipment, garden supplies, gardening information, and answers to questions. We cover growing vegetable gardening at home, raising and caring for our livestock, organic gardening, soil fertility, and plant propagation. We cover growing potatoes, fields of corn and grain, hayfields, and growing berries and mushrooms, nut trees, and fruit trees. And of course, we cover building and using greenhouses and cold frames, horse and dairy barns, and chicken coops, rabbit hutches, pig pens, duck coops, and pheasant coops. 

We particularly like to offer books, tools, equipment, and magazine informational articles and/or links on how-to make or do things yourself. We offer practical, hands-on instructions designed to help you learn how to master dozens of country living skills quickly and easily.
For our current list of fact sheets and articles, please click on Gardening Information .

Our emphasis will be on Pacific Northwest gardening and farming. Our maritime climate in the western foothills and lowlands presents a unique kind of challenge to home gardeners and farmers. The Pacific Ocean, and the Puget Sound while moderating our weather, works combinations with our surrounding mountains to cause our weather to change quickly. But, then because of our latitude, we can receive up to eighteen hours of daylight and sunlight during the summer months. Vegetable gardens, field grain crops, berries, fruit, and nut orchards generally grow really well during our summers. However, even then sometimes we get too much rain, or that pesky late or early frost or freeze.

Our additional list of books for gardening, plant propagation, horticulture, livestock, husbandry, landscaping, start up farming books, stone masonry, timber framing, hunting big game, fishing, and many other subjects,
are available at our Luebeck Haus Bookstore, Click Here .

For stone masonry tools, books, construction equipment and help with your stone and brick construction projects
visit our Pacific Mountain Masonry website, please Click Here .

For gardening DVDs and VHS videos dealing with many gardening topics, please Click Here.
For a list of garden magazines subscriptions available, Click Here.

For a selection of garden Gnomes, plus gardening and horticulture books, Click Here.

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    These garden books, garden tools, and cameras will make your gardening easier and more productive.
  • Garden Wagons
    Offers a good selection of garden wagons and carts.
  • Solar Power
    Offers information on solar power and how to use it.

Garden Nurseries, Garden Plants,  Trees, Seeds and Mushroom kits

  • Mushroom Growing Kits
    We offer several mushroom growing kits, including Shiitake, Blue & White Oyster, Namdko, and Turkey Tail.
    Plus mushroom growing supplies and books for selecting, growing and harvesting your mushroom kit.
  • Ginseng Seeds
    We offer ginseng seeds, ginseng roots, and books for growing and harvesting ginseng.

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  • Gardening Magazines A fine selection, including Organic Gardening, Horticulture, Mother Earth News, and Better Homes & Gardens.
  • Das Fenster
    Since 1904, Das Fenster German language magazine has been fulfilling its role of service to the German-American community. Today, in our 110th year, our team of talented professional journalists presents interesting and informative articles on a wide variety of subjects, all in the German language. Our writers provide much of our content that is exclusive to Das Fenster, not found in any other German language magazines or newspapers in the US, or any other country for that matter. Every month we explore German history and culture, German cuisine, wellness tips and travel to parts of Germany often overlooked by other German language magazines! Test your knowledge of German history and culture every month with our exclusive 'Rätselgeschicht' series! And communicate with other German-Americans in our vibrant letters to the editor pages.
    All in the German language!

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What is Aquaponic Gardening?

Aquaponics is a cultivation of fish and plants together in a constructed, recirculating ecosystem utilizing natural bacterial cycles to convert fish waste to plant nutrients. This is an environmentally friendly, natural food-growing method that harnesses the best attributes of aquaculture and hydroponics without the need to discard any water or filtrate or add chemical fertilizers.

To learn more about Aquaponic Gardening Click Here.

Find Aquaponic Gardening books Click Here.

The Washington Institute of Dendrology Research

The Washington Institute of Dendrology Research is a scientific and educational nonprofit corporation based in Washington State. Their primary goal is to provide facilities and funding for critical tree pathology research into the causes, control, prevention, and the eventual elimination of some of the invading diseases and insects that adversely affect the trees of our forest lands, landscaping trees, and our fruit and nut trees.

The Washington Institute of Dendrology Research is planning and will build the Washington Institute of Dendrology Research Center. This pathology research facility will be developed into an outstanding research center.
In addition The Washington Institute of Dendrology Research will work to find effective natural means to control and to elimination the many invasive insects and invading diseases that harm our trees.
To read more click on The Washington Institute of Dendrology Research.


Garden Nurseries: Seed Sources, Growing Mushrooms, Edelweiss, Ginseng, Ramps, Herbs & Wild Rice

Fruit Tree Orchards, Olive Trees, and Nut Trees

Gardening, Husbandry, Barn & Farming Buildings, Pig Pens, Wild Boars, Chicken Coops, Rabbit Hutches, Potato Grow Bags, Fig seeds & Plants

Bumble Bees, Books & Supplies

Honey Bees, Orchard Mason Bees, Beekeeping Books & Supplies

Husbandry and Farming, Draft and Riding Horses, Dairy and Beef Cattle, Veterinary Handbooks

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